2019 Annual fishing, hunting licenses now available in Indiana

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2019 Annual fishing, hunting licenses now available in Indiana

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (ADAMS) – The Indiana Department of Environmental Management says that annual fishing and hunting licenses are now available for purchase. 2018 annual fishing and hunting licenses expire on March 31. If you purchased your license online last year, just log into your account, confirm your information, and purchase your new licenses.

Helpful tip: Snap a photo of your signed license with your phone and keep your phone with you while you’re hunting or fishing.

Hunting seasons ending in March
March 1 – crow
March 15 – coyote, striped skunk
March 31 – game turtles, light geese

Trapping season for coyote, striped skunk, and beaver ends March 15.

Eating recreationally caught fish from Indiana waters can be a healthy and tasty option when you have the proper information. Before you go fishing, check the DNR’s interactive map to see if you can eat what you catch.

Check out the new fish consumption advisory map

Here are a few tips to reduce your risk of accumulated contaminants:

If a waterbody is not listed in the advisory or if a fish species is not listed for a waterbody that was sampled, you should consult the statewide “Safe Eating Guidelines.”
Eat smaller, less fatty fish like panfish (bluegill, perch and crappie).
Remove fat near the skin of the fish before cooking, and broil, bake, or grill fish so the fat drips away.
For more information, see chooseyourfish.org/fish.