Local music producer creates Rescue Mission song

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Local music producer creates Rescue Mission song

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (ADAMS) – The Rescue Mission is in need of “more hands” during the public phase of its City on a Hill Capital Campaign. Local music producer Gralan Early had the idea for a song that would help raise awareness for the campaign and the homeless men, women, and children served at The Rescue Mission.

“I have been homeless before when I was younger,” Early said. “I can relate to what some of these people are going through.”

Gralan reached out to fellow producer and songwriter Gordon Martin and more than 30 vocalists to create the song, “We Need More Hands,” which was officially presented to the public at The Rescue Mission’s groundbreaking on Tuesday.

The words to the chorus are simple with a strong message: “We need more hands, we need more hearts, we need more love.”

“The song really calls the community to action,” said Rescue Mission CEO and Senior Pastor, Donovan Coley. “It’s a cry to the community that The Rescue Mission needs their help. We need more room, more beds, more hands, to be able to serve people with dignity.”

The song will start playing on local radio airwaves soon, and will soon be available for download with a donation at CityOnAHill.net, where you can also view the video.